Physics Traditional: Unit 06 "Impulse & Momentum"

06- Impulse & Momentum
Summary: You've heard about conservation of mass, conservation of energy, and conservation of charge. Now hear about conservation of momentum. And, we'll tell you that sometimes kinetic energy is conserved too, but other times it's not. We'll figure each case together. You'll also learn why when two vehicles collide, the forces felt on each vehicle is exactly the same (Newton's 3rd law wouldn't have it any other way, right?), the change in momentum is the same, but the forces on the drivers are VERY different. In fact the driver of the vehicle with more mass can walk away unharmed, while the driver in the smaller vehicle can sustain traumatic injuries. The lesson there? Don't collide with anything big! Finally, when someone says that your team has a lot of momentum, you will know if they are strictly correct; and, if someone says they did something on impulse, you'll know if they really mean it in the physics sense!

Resources: Text book chapter 6, PowerPoints, Website, Tracker, handouts


Unit 06: Impulse & Momentum

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