Physics Traditional: Unit 02 "Free Fallin'"

09- Free Fallin’
Summary: We now learn to solve more complicated linear motions where the motion is not constant, but changes in a uniform way (accelerates). The classic example of this is Freefall, where as time passes the falling object keeps going faster and faster. To tackle this added complexity of constantly changing motion, we need more powerful tools – what we call here the “Nifty” equations of motion. You will become masters at quickly identifying which variables are known, un-known and what variable is not involved in the problem. Have you heard the basketball term “hang time”? We’ll learn what hang time is, how long it really is and how to measure your own personal hang time as well as your reaction time (reflexes). We will also use Tracker and various labs as well as ample time and practice problems to become skilled at problem solving.

Resources: Text book chapter 2, PowerPoints, Website, Tracker, handouts


Unit 02: Linear Motion I

Objectives, Vocabulary & Equations

1213 - Objectives, vocabulary & equations

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  2. Tracker 3.10 Tutorial


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