Physics Traditional: Unit 01 "Linear Motion 1"

01- Linear Motion
Summary: Have you heard of nanotechnology? Have you ever read an advertisement for an iPod with four gigs of RAM? Do you know how long that would take you to drive to Orlando to see Disney World? Knowledge about these kinds of topics, is something everyone should have in today's world. In this unit, learn the basics of units and numbers and the simplest kind of motion. In order to be successful at physics, you must fill comfortable with numbers and units. In physics, we like the standard units of the metric system. It's also necessary for you to know how to properly use your calculator and to understand some of the prefixes you will see throughout your life. Graphs are like pictures, one graph is worth 1000 words. By the time we're done, you will look at graphs in a completely different way than you did before. There's so much to learn that that you can't wait to get started!

Resources: Text book chapters 1-2, PowerPoints, Website, Tracker, handouts


Unit 01: Linear Motion I

Objectives, Vocabulary & Equations

Objectives, vocabulary & equations

Other important files (resources)

  1. Work Packet
  2. Tracker instructions
  3. Tracker pictorial guide sample analysis

Tutorials (right-click and save file locally ("save target as"), then play)

  1. Notes 01-01
  2. Notes 01-03
  3. Notes 01-05
  4. Notes 01-07
  5. Notes 01-09


More Links

  1. Notes 01-01
  2. Notes 01-03
  3. Notes 01-05
  4. Notes 01-07
  5. Notes 01-09
  6. Linear motion definitions
  7. Tracker program link
  8. Tracker 253 Zipped
  9. Tracker 203 Zipped
  10. LAB 1: Tracker introductory lab - PDF copy
  11. Tracker 2 Help File
  12. Linear motion 4-step template
  13. Linear motion test template
  14. Linear motion quiz, quiz, trade KEY
  15. Cool car crash mini lab
  16. Fourstep problems including acceleration
  17. Linear Motion Packet Practice Problems - KEY