Physics Themed: Unit 9 "Linear Motion 1"

09- Linear Motion
Summary: First semester was about light, electricity and magnetism – some cool, exotic phenomena. This semester we deal with subjects a little more in line with our daily experience, something physicists call “mechanics”. Our semester of mechanics is divided into two quarters: Third quarter is Sporty Physics because it deals a lot with things like running, throwing and jumping. Fourth quarter is Rollercoaster Physics. Sporty Physics isn’t exclusively about human activities like running, throwing and jumping. For example, the same physics used to study running applies to driving and the physics of throwing a ball is like the physics of shooting a cannon ball. The math isn’t any harder second semester, but on average there is more of it.

We begin the study of motion using the most basic concept where motion is constrained to moving in straight lines – linear motion. To do this you will become familiar with displacement, velocity and acceleration and how they differ from their non-vector forms. Tracker is a free computer program that helps analyze motion using computer video clips and we will use Tracker a lot this quarter. This math required is very simple – just freshman algebra, but a lot of problem-solving is required to become skilled at problem solving. Besides computer analysis and computations, you are also expected to become familiar with graphing – especially understanding what graphs imply.

Resources: Online book chapter 2, work packet, reading packet 1, Tracker, handouts


Unit 09: Linear Motion

Objectives, Vocabulary &

Objectives, vocabulary & equations

Other important files (resources)

  1. Reading packet - linear motion (2005)
  2. Work Packet - Linear Motion
  3. Tracker project
  4. Tracker template
  5. Tracker instructions
  6. Tracker help file

Tutorials (right-click and save file locally ("save target as"), then play)

  1. Notes 09-01A - LinearMotion
  2. Notes 09-01B - Using calculator (EE button)
  3. Notes 09-02 - Vectors vs. scalars
  4. Notes 09-03A - Accelerated motion
  5. Notes 09-03B - Three graphs & three things to read from each

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