Physics Themed: Unit 8 "Magnetism & Induction"

08- Magnetism & Induction
Summary: In the last unit we learned that electric current is electrical charge in motion. In this unit we learn that any time charges move, a magnetic field results. The reverse is also true which allows us to use magnets to make electricity and electricity to make magnets – the process of induction which drove the industrialization and the modern world we live in. This is a short unit (1 week) with a quest at the end and no projects. In this unit you will learn about the basis for all magnetism, domain theory, how earth’s magnetic field works and how it protects us from deadly solar radiation, very simple induction math, how compasses and transformers work and little bit about magnetic fields. You will get to do a magnet lab and see simple transformer and a cool demo with something called a Thompson coil.

Resources: Work packet, handouts, tutorials


Unit 08: Magnetism/Induction

Objectives, Vocabulary & Equations

Objectives, vocabulary & equations

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  1. Work Packet - Magnetism

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  1. Notes 08-01 - Magnetism I
  2. Notes 08-02 - Magnetism II

More Links

  1. Notes 08-01: Intro, domains, poles, solar wind, right hand rule
  2. Notes 08-02: Induction, Faraday's law, generators, motors, transformers
  3. How a speaker works (with magnets)
  4. How earbuds work