Physics Themed: Unit 6 "Electric Current & Circuits"

06- Electric Current and Circuits
Summary: In the last unit we learned about static electricity and electric fields. If static electricity is about stationary charges, then current electricity is about moving or flowing charges. Voltage provides a “push” and if we include a copper wire conductor, electrons will flow the wire, just like gravity pushes water downhill in a channel - the river current. In this unit we lean about what current is and find out that electrons “drift” very slowly from the light switch to the light bulb. We learn about Ohm’s law and the concepts of current and resistance. From this, we learn to calculate the power and energy consumed by a circuit and find realistic cost estimates that help you gain an appreciation for the cost of energy. We learn techniques of drawing and solving unknowns in simple circuits using ohm’s law and the behavior of resistors in series and parallel. After learning the theory, we spend several days using a multimeter with real DC circuit boards where you will have a practical circuit board test in addition to the regular multiple choice/math test. You will also be expected to read resistance in ohms based on stripes using a key provided. At the end of this unit you will design and build a robot to help study for the test.

Resources: Online book chapters 25, 27, work packet, handouts, circuit boards/multimeters.


Unit 06: Electric Current & Circuits

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  1. Work Packet - Electric Current & Circuits
  2. Robot Project

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