Physics Themed: Unit 5 "Mirrors & reflective optics"

05- Mirrors
Summary: In the last unit you learned about light waves focusing on visible light and phenomenon involving colors. In this unit you’ll use our brain’s perception of light traveling in straight lines to understand how mirrors work. The Law of Reflection is the basis for our understanding of mirrors and Ray Tracing with principal rays simplifies the process to something you can do in a reasonable amount of time and without protractors. Computer simulations of principal rays allow you to investigate all possible situations involving convex and concave curved mirrors. Learn Ray Tracing well since this skill applies to lenses as well as mirrors. This is a short unit with an Anamorphic Art project using a cylindrical mirror after the quest.

Resources: Online book chapter 31, reading packet 5, work packet, handouts, protractor.


Unit 05: Mirrors & Reflective Optics

Objectives, Vocabulary & Equations

Objectives, vocabulary & equations

Other important files (resources)

  1. Reading packet 5
  2. Work packet - Mirror & Reflective Optics

Tutorials (right-click and save file locally ("save target as"), then play)

  1. Notes 03-02 (2013)


More Links

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  14. Internet PPT with Ray Tracing lessons
  15. Ray tracing scratch paper - print out for extra practice!