Physics Themed: Unit 3 "Sound" 2016-17

03 - Sound
Summary: In this unit you learn about sound. Sound is about conversations and music, but it's also about understanding the energy of sound waves. You will learn the standard measurements for how loud sounds are as well as our basis for the Western Musical system. Also, we teach about how musical instruments make notes by vibrating something at just the right frequency; but, the musical instrument would be monotonous if it didn't simultaneously produce overtones that gives it rich, dinstince sounds. In fact, if you understand what the last sentence is about, then you totally understand the word "monotonous". Finally, hearing is precious and a wonderful ability and we want you to understand this gift you have, so we teach about how ear buds can affect your hearing and about hearing loss in general.

Resources:Work packet, notes, handouts, reading packet.


Unit 03: Sound

Vocabulary & Equations

Objectives, vocabulary & equations

Other important files (resources)

  1. Work packet - Waves
  2. Combined reading packet for entire quarter
  3. Tuning Ford recorded at 128 Hz
  4. Tuning Ford recorded at 256 Hz
  5. Tuning Ford recorded at 384 Hz
  6. Tuning Ford recorded at 512 Hz
  7. Tuning Ford recorded at 1024 Hz

Tutorials (right-click and save file locally ("save target as"), then play)

  1. Wave introduction tutorial

More Links

  1. 03-01 Notes: Western Musical System and Fundamental Freq.
  2. 03-02 Notes: Measures of Sound Amplitude, dB scale, Impact on human hearing
  3. 03-03 Notes: Beats: Tuning a Piano
  4. Audacity download (sound wave analyzer program)
  5. Old: Tutorial: 02-01 Notes: Using Audacity, Western Musical Introduction
  6. Old: Tutorial: 02-02 Notes: Measures of sound amplitude, dB scale examples, impact on human hearing
  7. Old: Tutorial: 02-03 Notes: Harmonics vs. Octaves, Wave speed harmonics for closed-closed systems, tuning a piano, mechanical waves
  8. Western Musical System
  9. Article: dB + other measures of sound amplitude
  10. Another dB, loudness, etc. explanation
  11. Glenbrook's dB and sound intensity tutorial
  12. Hearing Health - Ear Buds
  13. EM explanation including numbers
  14. PHET sound & waves modeling
  15. Doppler effect 01
  16. Doppler effect 02
  17. Simple tone generator Windows program made by Mr. Williams
  18. Glenbrook South Physics
  19. Nice physics of sound review (HARMONICS well explained!)