Physics Themed: Unit 2 "Waves" 2016-17

02 - Waves & Sound
Summary: In this unit you learn what wave basics including wave anatomy and the wave speed equation which relates frequency, wave length and wave speed. Next, you learn about waves traveling through air (sound waves) and how the speed of sound depends on temperature, what it means for a sound to be loud and what the Doppler effect is. The Doppler effect creates shock waves in air and bow waves in water and a little knowledge of wave interference is necessary to understand this. In the final part of this unit, you apply this knowledge in some deeper ways to learn about how simultaneous waves reflect and interact creating standing waves. You also learn about harmonics (natural frequencies) and resonance.

Resources: Work packet, notes, handouts, reading packet


Unit 02: Waves

Vocabulary & Equations

Objectives, vocabulary & equations

Other important files (resources)

  1. Work packet - Waves
  2. Combined reading packets for entire quarter
  3. Tuning Ford recorded at 128 Hz
  4. Tuning Ford recorded at 256 Hz
  5. Tuning Ford recorded at 384 Hz
  6. Tuning Ford recorded at 512 Hz
  7. Tuning Ford recorded at 1024 Hz

Tutorials (right-click and save file locally ("save target as"), then play)

  1. Wave introduction tutorial

More Links

  1. 02-01 Notes: Wave introduction
  2. 02-02 Notes: Resonance & Standing Waves
  3. 02-03 Notes: Doppler, Big Bang, Shock Waves & Beats
  4. Audacity download (sound wave analyzer program)
  5. OLD: Tutorial: 01-01 Notes: Wave intro and anatomy
  6. OLD: Tutorial: 01-02 Notes: Wave speed, echoes, lightning & fireworks
  7. OLD: Tutorial: 01-03 Notes: Standing waves what you need to know
  8. OLD: Tutorial: 01-04 Notes: Real sound waves, interference examples including beats
  9. OLD: Tutorial: 01-05 Notes: Doppler, Big Bang & shock waves
  10. OLD: Tutorial: 01-06 Notes: Resonance and more
  11. Standing Wave Formation (good simulator)
  12. Standing wave tutorial
  13. Harmonics Help (Mr. Jiggly)
  14. EM explanation including numbers
  15. PHET sound & waves modeling
  16. Absorbing energy at particular frequencies (pix only!)
  17. Doppler effect 01
  18. Doppler effect 02
  19. Simple tone generator Windows program made by Mr. Williams
  20. Glenbrook South Physics
  21. Nice physics of sound review (HARMONICS well explained!)