Physics Themed: Unit 1 "Basic Skills & Problems Solving" 2016-17

01 - Basic Skills & Problem Solving
Summary: In this unit review and learn background and math skills you use throughout the year in physics. We make sure you can use a calculator to solve problems with exponents and trig. We learng about t-charts, the metric system and memorizing common prefixes. We also learn how to approach work problems in physics. Specifically, we learn how to find the correct equation to use using the four-step method. We make sure you can solve inverse equations and understand how to solve for how things change, rather than necessarily come up with absolute numbers.

Resources: Work packet, notes, handouts


Unit 01: Basic Skills & Problem Solving

Vocabulary & Equations

Objectives, vocabulary & equations

Other important files (resources)

  1. Work packet

Tutorials (right-click and save file locally ("save target as"), then play)

More Links

  1. 01-01 Notes: EE button, T-charts, metric system, common prefixes
  2. 01-02 Notes: Four step problem solving method
  3. 01-03 Notes: Patterns of change and hidden graphical info
  4. SI Units
  5. T-charts